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English Delight with ENA Cursive Small Letter Alphabet Book – Rising Kids

Alphabet series introduces the child to the world of alphabet.This book focuses on the formation of small letters. The thrust is on reducing stress on the child's mind who is being initiate into the world of formal education. Alphabet writing shall brace up the child not only in writing neatly but also by developing  a perfect hand-eye coordination.    

Grafalco Pre School Cursive Small Letters

Grafalco Pre School Cursive Small Letters book is recommended in affiliated schools for Playgroup children. It is for 2-5 year old children and helps them to recognize shape and in building their learning skills. Grafalco helps the child to learn the letter formation based on patterns and strokes using various activities. It is recommended for. Jr. KG and Sr. KG level.

Rachna Sagar Together With Cursive Writing A

Together With Cursive Writing A, Rachna Sagar Publications has published this book of cursive writing for the tiny tots who are studying in kindergarten or pre-primary school. This book is in English Language. Amazing Cursive Writing is has lot of exercises and activities to practice with and also have additional benefit of web support. This Together with cursive writing book is designed in an interactive and lively manner for the kids which is accompanied by colorful illustrations.